ACS Home Maintenance and Renovations

Heater Service.

With the cold weather on the way it is always a good Idea to have your furnace serviced. when starting up your furnace you will notice that it may smell if you have not had it seviced. This is due to dust and settlement that has landed on the Heat exchanger over the summer. If you can not afford to have your furnace serviced make sure you change the filter on your furnace. This will reduce your energy costs for the winter as well as improve the air quaility in your home.

Foundation Crack Injections.

Now Introducing our newest service. Have you got a crack in your foundation. Most cracks can be filled by ou new foundation crack injection service. We use a combination of hydrolic cement with a high expansion epoxy polymer. This expanding epoxy can fill gaps up to 3 inches thick. The great thing about this service is there is no digging. Thats right the entire crack can be fixed from the inside of the house. This reduces the cost to you. Most cracks repaired from the outside can cost upto $4000.00 where as an injection cost is generally around $400.00. This service is not recomended for every basement foundation crack. Some cracks such as those in cinderblock have to be repaired from the outside.

Selling or Buying a new home.

Are you selling your house? Or are you in the market for a new home? Either way with the economy changing for the better now is the time to do it if you are ready. Interest rates are at all time lows which makes financing your new home or an up comming project a breeze.

If you are selling here are some tips. PAINT,PAINT,PAINT. That's right it's amazing how many people will try to sell their house with the old dirty paint. Nothing worse then seeing dirty finger prints and cobwebs all over the house. Another thing to remember is to pick nuetral colours. Prospective buyers want to see a house that is up to date and with the times. It doesn't matter how beautiful you think the living room looks with lime green paint, at this point it's about the buyers preferance. Another selling tip is to get rid of clutter. A lot of people will not even bother to put a bid on a house if it looks cluttered. The best thing to do is limit your stuff to make the rooms appear bigger. Another thing people think of if there is a lot of clutter is what they are hiding behind the clutter, which causes them to leave without putting in an offer on a perfectly good home.

If you are buying here are some tips. No matter what,if your buying a house that is not a brand new build there is going to be things that need to be addressed and budgeted for accordingly. So as they say Check things out from the ground up. So lets start in the basment. Make sure you check the foundation to see if there are any cracks, also look for signs of water damage. If the basement is finished see if you can smell a musty smell. A musty smell is not necessarily a sign of water damage but may also be a sign that you will need to invest in a dehumidifier. The Next thing to check out is where the water shut offs are located. for the most part there should be shut offs at every tap. This is not true all the time though. Then Check to see how the plumbing is, flush the toilets, run the water, see how it drains. If the drains are slugish could be a sign of a clog or an improper venting. Keep in mind while you are looking at a house that the most expesive parts to renovate are the Kitchen and the Bathroom. This does not mean that if you don't like these two rooms don't buy the house, Just know that those rooms are expesive to remodel. While you are walking around the house keep your eyes on the ceiling. Make sure there are no signs of water damage. If there is it is a sign that the roof either has leaked or is still leaking. Make sure to ask how old the roof is. If the seller doesn't know chances are it is time to replace it. Early signs of wear are curling of shingle, and missing shingles. Another thing to look at is the age of the windows. Most newer windows have a date stamped inside of the glass on the metal spacer. This will give you an idea of the age of the windows.

Now it is important to know that these are not the only things to look at. Looking at these things can help you realize how much and where you are going to have to spend your money. It can be helpful to bring a freind or family with you who has a knowlege of building codes. They can point out things that you may not notice. Another thing is eventhough you checked the house thouroughly you should always have a home inspector go through to make sure you didn't miss anything. Home inspections range from $350.00 to $750.00, so you can't bring one to every house you look at, unless your rich.

We hope that this can be of help to you. And if you are buying or selling your home and would like some help remodeling please feel free to contact us and we will be pleased to help. Oh yeah before I go There is another service availible to people buying houses. It is called mortgage plus. This is where you can receive extra money to pay for your renovations. Ask your mortgage professional for details.

Save Money on your energy cost

Reducing your energy bills is one of the best ways to save money. Here are some easy ways to effectivly lower energy cost.

First money saving tip is to caulk your baseboards. If you have hardwood or laminate floors the gaps at the top and the bottom of you baseboars are allowing air in and out of your house. This can waste energy in the winter and the summer. By caulking these jionst you will help prevent cool air escaping and warm air comming in durring the summer as well as block cool air from comming in and warm air escaping durring the winter. don't forget while your caulking also caulk around the trim on the windows for the same reasons.

Second money saving tip, Reduce the temperature on your hot water tank. Most hot water tanks are set for much higher then needed. this causes your hhot water heater to stay on longer and needlessly heating water that you will not use. If you drop the temperature on the tank just 5 degrees you will notice a difference in your bill. The great thing is that you will not feel a difference in the temperature comming out of the tap.

Another money saving tip is to change your toilet to a low flow toilet. This will save you 4 litres of water per flush. However if you cannot afford a low flow toilet try this little trick instead. Take the lid off the back of your toilet and place two brick in the tank away from any moving parts. this will displce the water giving you a smaller space to fill. this will save about 3 to 4 litres per flush and is much cheaper then buying a new toilet.


Mold and you

We all have seen the mold in the bottom of the shower, or around the bath tub but usually do nothing about it. Mold should be taken care of as soon as it appears. Mold problems left untuoched for prolonged periods of time can pose serious problems. This can also cause breathing problems such as asthma in young children. One thing to do is try cleaning the mold with bleach. This should kill 99 percent of mold on the surface. If this does not work and you have not changed your caulking for a while do so now. This is something almost any one can do however, DO NOT just go over existing Caulking. This will not help the situation and it will not seal properly. First remove the old csulking completely with a razor blade. Once all the caulking is gone once again clean the area with bleach. make sure you rinse the area and then dry it completely. If the area is wet at all it will not stick. Another tip is to make sure the bathtub is full while you are caulking. This ensures that the caulking will not seperate from being stretched afterwards. Once caulking is completed make sure you let it dry completely before getting it wet again. Other mold problems such as mold on the ceiling can be addressed by bleaching the area, then removing any loose paint, then painting the area with KILZ paint (speacialy formulated for mold) then paint the entire ceiling with a bathroom paint. If you follow these suggestions you can breath easier. If you don't feel as thow you want to do this work, feel free to call us and we can help you at a reasonable cost.

Time to prepare your A/C or Central Air

 That's right..... Summer is finally here.  So here is a tip for you to save you money on your cooling bills this year.  The First and most important thing that you can do is change the filter on your furnace or window A/C. Clogged filters will cause your A/C or Central air will cause the motor on the A/C or Central air to work harder and thus causing you to waste more electricity. The second thing to do for a Central air unit is to make sure the area around the unit is clear of weeds, grass, and other foriegn objects. Another thing is to rinse the coils on the Central air unit of the window unit with just plain water from your garden house. Over time these coils become clogged and force the unit to work harder. This can also cause the hole unit to freeze if it is left uncleaned.  So if you follow these tips you can save alot of money on your cooling bills this year.   One more tip to save money in the long run, When changing your air filter in the furnace try to buy an electrostatic re washable filter. The average price for these is $29.99-$39.99. Factor in the average life expectancy of ten years for one of these verses a regular filter which has a life expectancey of 3 months and you will save even more. If you Need help with any of this feel free to call us so we can assist you, and with all the money you save maybe we can help you with a renovation project.